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  • Honle UV Curing Equipment

    Honle UV Curing Equipment

    Our comprehensive line of Honle UV curing systems can significantly optimize the curing (hardening) of UV curable adhesives, coatings, and sealants. Tangent Industries offers a broad line of Honle UV systems including LED curing equipment, UVAHAND (Hand Held UV curing equipment), Bluepoint (UV spot curing systems with light guide), UVASPOT (large area UV curing equipment) and more!

  • UV Curable Masks for Metal Finishing

    UV Curable Masks for Metal Finishing

    Tangent UV light curable masking products are easily applied and cured (hardened) in seconds with a UV light source. A single coat provides consistent protection from high impact particulate, hot acids, alkali solutions, plating, etc. These UV masking materials are available in many viscosities to accommodate the wide variety of applications. Removal is accomplished by simple peel, hot water dip and peel, or through incineration. Components are residue-free after removal of the UV mask.

  • Sealants/Coatings


    Our UV light curable sealants and conformal coatings are easily integrated in automated production processes for printed circuit board (PCB) and flex circuits (FPC) assembly. Cured properties range from soft/ highly flexible to hard/rigid. Tangent sealants and coatings provide long-lasting and reliable protection for components operating in harsh environments. Coated surfaces are insulated from high humidity, airborne particulates, chemicals, abrasion, insects, and vibration.

  • UV Gaskets and Seals

    UV Gaskets and Seals

    UV light curable Form-In-Place gaskets are dispensed as flowable liquids or non-migrating gels, exactly where a gasket is required, and can be cured (hardened) in seconds as part of continuous in-line production process. Tangent’s Stay-In-Place gasket technology produces gasket materials that adhere to the surfaces they are cured upon, permitting immediate handling and continuous production.

  • Potting Materials

    Potting Materials

    Tangent’s potting materials are formulated to protect electronic and electrical components from thermal shock, vibration, moisture, and other environmental elements. To accommodate the broad range of potting applications, Tangent offers UV and visible light curable products, two component compounds, and thermal curing materials. The potting materials can be optically clear, or completely opaque to mask the surface below.

  • Encapsulants


    Encapsulants and encapsulating adhesives provide environmental protection for electronic components such as diodes, capacitors, and integrated circuits (IC), as well as wire leads and other fragile connectors. Our encapsulant’s have high ionic purity, and cured properties include moisture resistance, invulnerability to thermocycling, low shrink, and flexibility from a low modulus value. Low shrink and flexibility are significant as the encapsulant also functions as a strain relief for fine wire leads.

  • Contact


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