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  • UV Meter

    UV Meter

    The UV Meter from Honle can be used for both broad spectrum UV and LED light systems. A wide range of interchangeable sensors accommodate the measurement of various equipment types and wavelengths. Measurements can be evaluated on a PC or with a PLC via USB connection.

  • bluepoint 4 ecocure

    bluepoint 4 ecocure

    The Honle bluepoint 4 ecocure an economical UV curing point source that is ideally suited for manual workstations and benchtop assembly operations. This unit offers high intensity output, dose programmability, and long lamp life. Liquid or fiber optic light guides deliver UV curing energy to the precise location of the UV curable material. This unit is ideally suited for UV curable adhesives, coatings, and sealants.

  • bluepoint 4

    bluepoint 4

    The bluepoint 4 curing system from Honle is a high-performance point source for all UV curing applications that need maximum intensity. Due to its high power and the ability to program complete exposure sequences with various intensities and dwell times, the bluepoint 4 can provide the shortest curing cycle times for manual or automated production processes.

  • LED UV Pen

    LED UV Pen

    The LED Pen 2.0 from Honle is reliable and versatile hand-held UV curing device with output of 365nm wavelength. It produces up to 4800 mW/cm2 of UV curing intensity which is ideal for curing many UV adhesives and sealants. The LED Pen can be activated in three ways: a manual push-button switch on the unit, foot switch, or through a potential-free PLC input.

  • LED Spot

    LED Spot

    The LED Spot and LED HP controller with Process Flow Control was developed by Honle for all applications requiring high intensity UV irradiation. Curing intensity up to 10,000 mW/cm2 at 460nm wavelength is achievable with edge to edge uniformity over a 20 x 20mm footprint. The compact, modular LED head is easily integrated into automated assembly processes.

  • bluepoint LED

    bluepoint LED

    The Honle bluepoint LED curing system was developed for UV adhesive bonding applications requiring high intensity UV curing equipment, (point sources). Producing up to 16,000 mW/cm2 of intensity, the bluepoint LED offers wavelength options that include 365, 385, and 405nm. UV bonding can be optimized with focusing lenses that adjust light footprint and intensity to create application-specific curing processes. Programmable activation, multi-head capacity, short curing cycles, and long-term reliability make the bluepoint LED the perfect UV LED curing equipment for manual or automated production.

  • LED Power Pen

    LED Power Pen

    The LED Power Pen 2.0 from Honle is a high intensity, hand-held UV curing device that is ideally suited for curing UV adhesives in manual or automated production. Weighing only 130 grams, the LED Power Pen produces 10,000 mW/cm2 of UV intensity at 365nm wavelength at a distance of 12mm. The Power Pen can be activated in three ways: a manual push-button switch on the unit, foot switch, or through a potential-free PLC input.

  • LED Spot W

    LED Spot W

    The LED Spot W manufactured by Honle offers very high intensity for rapid curing of most UV adhesives, coatings, and sealants. Compact in size, the Spot W LED head can be easily mounted in space-limited assembly equipment. A 20 x 20mm aperture produces a homogenous light footprint with intensity as high as 20,000 mW/cm2 (405nm). Up to three Spot W LED heads can be actuated from a single LED Powerdrive control unit. Cleanroom compatible, the LED Spot W is available in 365, 385, 395, 405, and 460 nm wavelengths.

  • LED Powerline

    LED Powerline

    The LED Powerline from Honle is a very compact, high-intensity LED curing unit. Delivering over 20,000 mW/cm2 intensity, the LED Powerline is ideal for high-volume curing processes that incorporate robots or conveyors. From its standard size of 76 x 10 mm, the irradiated area can be extended in 40mm increments to any length required. Instant high intensity with no warm-up, and clean room compatible.

  • UV and UV/Visible Light LED Curing Units

    UV and UV/Visible Light LED Curing Units

    LED curing equipment from Honle provides versatile processing solutions for LED curable adhesives, coatings, and sealants. Advantages of LED curing include cooler curing temperatures, instant on/off control without shutter mechanisms, and long operating life. Tangent is the US distributor for Honle’s complete line of UV and visible light LED curing systems which include LED spot, LED flood, and portable hand-held LED units.

  • UVAHAND 250

    UVAHAND 250

    The Honle UVAHAND 250 is a high intensity hand-held UV curing device, used for wide area curing. The broad spectrum UV lamp facilitates fast and optimal curing of UV adhesives, UV masks, coatings, and sealants. Long lamp life and dependable operation makes this UV curing system ideal for start-ups as well as large scale production facilities.