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  • Needle Assembly Video

    Needle Assembly Video

    This video shows the assembly of cannulas and syringes on a indexing rotary table, automated assembly line. UV cure adhesives from Tangent Industries Inc. and Bluepoint LED UV curing equipment from Honle are used on to instantly bond needles in place on a syringe. LEDcure adhesive 7041 is dispensed from air-pressure activated valves into the hubs of preassembled syringes, Honle’s Bluepoint LED point source light is activated, curing the adhesive. The completed syringe/needle is ready for packaging.

  • About Panacol

    About Panacol

    For well over a decade, Tangent’s line of cutting edge, light curable acrylate adhesives has been augmented with Panacol’s high tech epoxies, high temperature cements, and structural bonding methacrylates to offer the best adhesive bonding solutions derived from an extensive range of adhesive chemistries and curing options.

  • About The Honle Group

    About The Honle Group

    As an exclusive sales partner for Panacol-Elosol GmbH, Tangent Industries is supported by the entire network of Honle Group companies. All Honle Group products relating to adhesives and UV curing equipment for the North and South American markets are technically supported and sold by Tangent.