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  • High Strength (Structural)

    High Strength (Structural)

    The Structalit® products are one and two-component multi-purpose adhesives that provide maximum bond strength and protection. A variety of Structalit adhesives are available for applications that include metal-to-metal bonding, ferrite bonding, temperature resistant plastic bonding, and component encapsulation..

  • High Temperature Adhesives

    High Temperature Adhesives

    For bonding applications involving operating temperatures ranging from 300°C to 1500°C, Cerastil brand adhesives from Panacol are formulated from inorganic materials of high purity, which allow them to be thermally stable in high heat environments. Several grades are available for high strength bonding of quartz, ceramic, glass, and metal.

  • Methacrylates


    Penloc GT methacrylate adhesives are two-component, acrylate based structural adhesives. The typical mix ratio of 1:1 means simple, less costly dispensing tools and systems, products can be mixed by a static mixing tip when dispensing, or dispense unmixed to apply as a bead-on-bead.

  • New Improved LED Spot 100

    New Improved LED Spot 100

    Honle UV LED Spot 100, now with improved intensity at the 405 nm wavelength of 1,000 mW/cm2 for superior curing power.