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Innovative new technology for producing decorative glass in hours, not days!

Chip-In-Place, Glue Chipping With UV Light

Chip-In-Place is an innovative process from Tangent Industries for sculpting sand-blasted or acid etched glass surfaces using a liquid polymer that cures in seconds under UV light. After curing (hardening), the polymer does all the work, chipping decorative and unique patterns into glass surfaces. Just like sea shells and snowflakes, no two patterns are truly identical

The surface sculpting, (chip-in-place), is confined to the area where the liquid polymer is deposited and cured. Chip-In-Place may be performed over an entire glass panel, or it can be limited to occur within specific patterns. Reasonable edge definition can be maintained through precise dispensing, and further enhanced by masking adjacent surfaces. Gel viscosities of the polymer are available to permit chipping of vertical and curved surfaces such as steins or vases.

When cured, the Chip-In-Place polymer extracts chips from the glass surface to shape a sculpted motif. The resulting array of contours and reliefs create an artistic image with incredible refractive properties. Surface pre-treatment and thickness of the dispensed polymer will have an effect on the outcome of the pattern. Typically, sandblasting with fine media and applying a thinner polymer coating will produce finer and shallower fracturing, creating a subtle pattern in the glass. Blasting with more aggressive media, and applying thicker coats of polymer will typically result in more pronounced fracturing, for deeper chipping. This tends to create the most dramatic patterns, shadowing, and refraction.

Decorative glass designs are often enhanced by affixing glass bevels to the surface for a more stunning lighting effect. Tangent Industries manufactures a family of glass adhesives specifically formulated for bevel bonding. They are optically clear so as not to diminish the prismatic properties of the bevels. These adhesives have demonstrated long-term resistance to weathering and thermal cycling.

Glass artisans as well as manufacturers of flat glass, windows, and doors can benefit from this technology. Chip-In-Place polymer is compatible with most glass types, including tempered glass. The product is low odor, and dispenses easily by hand or through automated dispensing systems. Conventional UV curing equipment is perfectly suited to cure this polymer.

Chip-In-Place polymer is only available from Tangent Industries, Winsted CT, USA.

Open one of the Technical Data Sheets below to view more details about our UV light curable Chip-In-Place polymer. Or, contact Tangent Industries Application Engineering to speak with a trained specialist who can guide you to a product and process best suited for your application.

Product Number Suitable Applications Viscosity cP mPa Shore Durometer 24 Hour Water Absorbtion LEDcure Bondable Substrates Comments/Features Request
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Chip-In-Place glass etching/chipping 4000-8000 D85-95 n/a no glass (sandblasted) UV/Visible cure, fast curing, easy to remove after etching/chipping process completed Request sample button TDS button
Chip-In-Place Gel glass etching/chipping thixotropic
D85-95 n/a no glass (sandblasted) UV/Visible cure, fast curing, easy to remove after etching/chipping process completed Request sample button TDS button
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