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Glass Assembly and Glass Art

Tangent Industries’ expertise in developing glass assembly adhesives is second to none. Since its inception over 15 years ago, Tangent continues to develop new adhesive products to address the evolving challenges of glass assembly. High strength bonding of glass to glass, glass to metal, or glass to other dissimilar substrates is made possible with a family of UV and UV/Visible light curable adhesives. This includes flat glass, float glass, tempered glass, and a myriad of other glass types.

The majority of Tangent’s glass bonding adhesives will cure under very low intensity light, allowing the use of more economically priced equipment. These adhesives are ideal for use with monochromatic LED light sources. Curing in fractions of a second, Tangent’s glass adhesives reduce assembly time and lower total process costs.

Tangent’s glass adhesives are single component and solvent free. The cured adhesives are optically clear, and are resistant to thermal cycling and humidity. Tangent’s adhesives have been used to bond optical assemblies, make glass furniture and display cases, enhance the appearance of doors and windows, and assemble glass art, which includes outdoor displays that have successfully withstood years of environmental stress.

“I have been extremely happy with the items
from Tangent that I have used and have
recommended them highly to many
different artists.”

Tom Fuhrman
Fuhrman Glass Studios Inc.
Oak Ridge, TN

A unique product has been developed to facilitate the creation of decorative glass used in windows, doors, mirrors, lighting, goblets, vases, and other household accessories. Distinctive patterns can be chipped into glass using Tangent Industries exclusive Chip-In-Place polymer. The advantage of this polymer over other methods and materials is that Chip-In-Place is low odor, fast curing with UV light, and produces finished patterns in hours, not days! This eliminates long waiting periods, space-consuming racking, and the high cost of inventory. The product is also available in gel viscosity which allows curved and vertical surfaces to be etched.

Please open one of the links below to view our selection of light curable glass bonding adhesives, or our unique Chip-In-Place material. Or, contact Tangent Industries Application Engineering to speak with a trained specialist who can guide you to a product and process best suited for your application. In the event that these standard products do not satisfactorily address your performance requirements, Tangent will investigate other solutions that include development of adhesive specifically tailored to the complexity of your application.