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Medical Device Assembly

Tangent Knows Medical.

Field failure is not an option, and that mandate resonates in every adhesive development project and with every product recommendation

Tangent Industries’ adhesives for medical device assembly are specifically formulated to meet the critical performance and regulatory demands of this growing market. Beginning with raw material selection, Tangent adhesives are designed and developed to provide superior adhesion after sterilization and aging, resist humidity and moisture, maintain lot-to lot consistency, and fully crosslink upon cure to assure biocompatibility to USP Class VI and ISO 10993 standards.

A thorough understanding of the application is essential for proper adhesive selection and subsequent bonding process development. Technical resources at Tangent possess over 20 years of experience in all aspects of medical device assembly. The highly skilled staff is poised to provide assistance with optimizing product joint design, selecting dispensing systems, computing curing cycles, and identifying curing equipment that is appropriate for the process. As a manufacturer, utilizing these resources can reduce internal engineering workload and get product introductions to the market in less time.

The general medical device assembly market includes several focused segments, each with their own set of unique performance standards. Recognizing this, Tangent has identified adhesives whose properties closely align with the performance demands of each segment. In addition to general medical device bonding and coating, specific adhesive selections have been identified for hearing aid/audiology devices, catheters and guidewires, needles and syringes, breathing circuits and tube sets, and orthopedic component processing.

Please open one of the links below to view our selection of medical device adhesive products. Or, contact Tangent Application Engineering to speak with a trained specialist who can guide you to a product best suited for your application.