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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and Flex Circuit (FPC) Assembly

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Tangent offers a wide selection of adhesives and coatings that address the challenges of PCB and FPC assembly. Reliability and consistency are designed into each formulation to ensure that manufacturers receive the highest level of product performance.

Included in this selection are Tangent’s LEDcure products. LEDcure products fully cure (harden) in fractions of a second under low intensity UV/Visible or Visible light. They are ideal for pairing with LED light curing equipment. Tangent’s light curable product selection is comprised of acrylates and cationic epoxies. These adhesives and coatings bond extremely well with FR-4 epoxy board, polyimide, polyester, PEEK, ceramic, precious metals, and assorted plastics. Suitable applications include conformal coating, encapsulating, potting, wire tacking and component edge bonding. Coatings and encapsulants specifically recommended for flex circuits offer a cured pliability that equals or exceeds that of the film itself.

Solvent-free, light curable adhesives and coatings from Tangent can be incorporated into existing production processes with a minimum of process modification. The benefits of curing adhesives with UV or UV/Visible light can be dollarized from direct and indirect process cost savings. These can include reduced energy consumption, shorter cycle time, lower WIP and inventory, and possibly a reduction in total floor space which is a premium in cleanroom type environments.

In addition, Tangent offers single and two component adhesives for electrical and thermal conductivity. They can be cured at room temperature or at elevated temperatures for faster curing. These products are filled with metallic or inorganic fillers to create conductive paths for electrical and thermal energy. Conductive adhesives can be used wherever solder is not practical, such as with temperature sensitive substrates. Suitable applications include die-attach, heat sinks, antenna printing, and component grounding.

Tangent’s products for electronic component assembly are formulated in compliance with REACH and RoHS directives. As applicable, individual products are tested and certified to UL/IPC, Halogen-Free, or other industry recognized standards. In all product development, Tangent recognizes its responsibility to produce products in compliance with current and long term global initiatives and directives.

Please open one of the links below to view our selection of PCB/Flex Circuit assembly adhesive products. Or, contact Tangent Application Engineering to speak with a trained specialist who can guide you to a product best suited for your application.