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(Wet) Acid Stripping, Plating, and Anodizing Masks

Tangent Industries’ temporary UV masking materials for acid stripping, plating, and anodizing are formulated to resist prolonged immersion in heated solutions of acids, degreasers, chemical stripping agents, and plating baths. These masks provide dependable, edge-to-edge surface protection, minimizing rework and scrap costs.

Most Tangent masking materials for acid stripping, plating, and anodizing are removable by peeling. Removal can be accomplished at room temperature, but the peeling process can be accelerated by incorporating a hot water dip/rinse prior to peel. Elevating the temperature of the peelable masks causes them to become more elastic and easier to remove.

For ultimate protection, Tangent has created a selection of super-high adhesion plating/anodizing masks. The most practical removal method for these masks is incineration. This limits their use to components made from nickel alloys (super alloys), and any other materials that can withstand high temperature processes. Suitable applications include processing landing gear, turbine blades, vanes, stators, nozzles, and transitions. Tangent high adhesion masks also provide protection during machining operations, including milling and grinding. The mask and component can be machined as one, assuring maximum surface protection.

Once the processing is completed, the masking materials can be burned-off at temperatures in the range of 900°F to 1200°F. Quite often, the incineration process can be combined with an existing heat treating operation for maximum process efficiency. Component surfaces are residue-free after mask removal, and ready for the next operation.

Multiple viscosities of each mask are available to accommodate various dispense methods which can include dip, spray, or hand application. The masks are offered with a color additive to provide surface contrast for better visibility of coverage during dispensing and removal.

View the masking materials listed below for a possible candidate for your application. Please contact Tangent to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations. In the event that these standard products do not satisfactorily address your performance requirements, Tangent will investigate other solutions that include development of masking material specifically tailored to the complexity of your application.

Product Number Suitable Applications Viscosity cP mPa Shore Durometer 24 Hour Water Absorbtion LEDcure Bondable Substrates Comments/Features Request
TDS button TDS
Sample button Sample
20101 acid stripping, machining, flame spray thixo gel D75-85 < 1.0% yes nickel alloys, steel UV/Visible cure, secondary thermal cure, burn-off removal at 650°C/1200°F Request sample button TDS button
20102 grit blasting, shot peening, plating, polishing 20,000-30,000 D50 < 1.0% yes titanium, chrome, cobalt, other metals UV/Visible cure, remove by hot water dip and peel, red color Request sample button TDS button
20105 acid stripping, machining, flame spray 25,000-30,000 D80-90 < 1.0% yes nickel alloys, steel UV/Visible cure, secondary thermal cure, burn-off removal at 650°C/1200°F Request sample button TDS button

*Note: viscosity variations are typically available, or can be formulated, for all listed products. Please inquire with Tangent Applications Engineering for viscosity ranges not shown in the table.
**Note: modifications can be made to most products in order to meet unique performance requirements. Adding fluorescing properties, color, and secondary curing mechanisms are typical examples of minor modifications. Please contact Tangent Applications Engineering to discuss your specific requirements.

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