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About Panacol

For well over a decade, Tangent Industries and Panacol-Elosol have partnered in an exclusive sales and distribution agreement for the Americas. This relationship allows Tangent to provide manufacturers with innovative assembly solutions derived from an extremely broad range adhesive chemistries. Tangent’s line of cutting edge, light curable acrylate adhesives is augmented with Panacol’s high tech epoxies, high temperature cements, and structural bonding methacrylates. Manufacturers partnering with Tangent receive the best adhesive bonding solutions, as they are derived from an extensive range of adhesive chemistries and curing options. Going forward, Tangent and Panacol-Elosol will continue to work together, and utilize their respective product development expertise to invent new adhesive and coating technology for the industrial market.


Panacol-Elosol GmbH is the German subsidiary of Swiss companies Panacol AG. With an additional facility in France, Panacol is a leading global provider of industrial adhesives. Products include UV adhesives, structural epoxies, and silicones. Panacol offers superior quality and has been certified to ISO 9001:2000 since 2002.

Since January 2008 Panacol has been a member of the Honle Group and is today benefiting from the numerous synergies in the field of industrial UV technology. In the spring of 2009, for example, Panacol assumed leadership for the group’s adhesives and sealant sales operations, which included Honle’s other adhesive subsidiary, Wellomer GmbH. Panacol’s products and services support the world’s largest growth markets, including consumer electronics, medical device assembly, aerospace, and automotive.

With the expansion of production, Panacol-Elosol’s main offices were relocated from Oberursel – where the company had been headquartered since 1993 – to the neighbouring town of Steinbach. Since June 2009, a new, larger company building houses all international business activities (except for France and Switzerland) and Panacol’s central warehouse.