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About The Honle Group

As an exclusive sales partner for Panacol-Elosol GmbH, Tangent Industries is supported by the entire network of Honle Group companies. All Honle Group products relating to adhesives and UV curing equipment for the North and South American markets are technically supported and sold by Tangent. Tangent’s technical staff receives ongoing training for all Honle Group products, including new technology introductions, to maintain the highest level of product and application expertise.

In a reciprocal agreement, Tangent supports all customers and applications situated outside of North and South America through the worldwide network of Honle Group companies. Each Honle Group member receives comprehensive product training and application support directly from Tangent, as well as its adhesive partner Panacol-Elosol. Allied under The Honle Group umbrella, Tangent and Panacol-Elosol work jointly to develop and promote the world’s most innovative adhesive technology for industrial assembly.


The Honle group is one of the leading suppliers in the UV market worldwide. Honle’s highest quality products are used in a wide range of manufacturing process in electronics, microelectronics, precision engineering, the optical industry and in the printing, automobile, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors.

UV equipment and systems, UV lamps, adhesives, dispensing units and UV measuring systems: The Honle group provides a unique product range that enables the individual adaptation to specific customers’ requirements.