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bluepoint 4 ecocure

bluepoint 4 ecocure

Softwareupdate bluepoint 4 ecocure, Version V3.11

The bluepoint 4 ecocure is the economical version of the Honle bluepoint 4. Manually actuated, the bluepoint ecocure provides the same high intensity, programmability features, and long lamp life. Features include:

  • Extremely powerful spot source with infinitely variable UV intensity between 2.000 and 14.000 mW/cm² UVA
  • Long lamp service life (approx. 3,000 hours) combined with lower intensity reduction over time
  • Easy lamp replacement through a slide-out module at the front panel
  • User-friendly and menu-driven operation
  • Ability to manually program complete exposure sequences
  • Electronic ballast with automatic adjustment to any AC main supply
  • Interchangeable filters for different wavelength spectra
  • All parameter settings can be memorized on 6 storage locations and loaded when needed
  • Software update via internet


bluepoint 4 ecocure point sources are suitable for a large range of applications:

  • Bonding, fixing or potting of components in the electronic, optical and medical industry
  • Fluorescent excitation for material testing and image processing
  • High-intensity UV irradiation for chemical, biological and pharmaceutical purposes
bluepoint 4 ecocure
bluepoint 4 ecocure
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