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Honle UV Curing Equipment

Tangent Industries offers a comprehensive line of UV curing systems that can significantly optimize the curing or hardening of (photo-reactive) UV adhesives and coatings. This equipment is designed and manufactured by Dr. Honle AG, headquartered in Munich Germany. Honle is a recognized leader in the global development of UV technology for industrial applications. Honle products are used worldwide in the manufacture of electronics, microelectronics, optics, medical devices, furniture, and glass art. Tangent Industries is a member of the worldwide Honle Group of companies.

Below are links to Honle UV curing systems and accessories. Please contact Tangent for more information about the products, including pricing and availability. Application Engineering at Tangent Industries provides assistance with adhesive and coating recommendations, and will assist to optimize your UV curing process for maximum productivity and efficiency.

LED curing equipment

Powerful, compact, and cool-curing LED units offering UV and visible light wavelengths. Ideal for curing UV adhesives and electronic potting materials.


UVAHAND, Hand Held UV curing equipment

High-performance UV/LED hand-lamps, versatile for many UV adhesive applications, including glass and acrylic display assembly. Also excellent as black light inspection tools.


Bluepoint, UV spot curing systems with light guide

High intensity UV point source for smaller diameter curing of UV adhesives and sealants.


UVASPOT, large area UV curing equipment

Uniform UV intensity in a larger footprint facilitates curing multiple components in a batch process.


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UV Meter

Measurement of UV intensity and dosage for spot and flood cure units, both LED and broad spectrum UV wavelengths.


Efficiency in Smart Card Manufacturing

Honle LED curing equipment delivers high power for rapid production of Smart Cards and other high volume electronic glob top applications.