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  • UVAPRINT 100-200 HPV

    UVAPRINT 100-200 HPV

    The UVAPRINT 100-200 HPV is compact source of high-intensity ultraviolet radiation. Various lamp lengths and spectra are available to precisely match the curing requirements of the application. A built-in clamshell shutter (pneumatic or electric) allows this UV curing system to be used at a stationary work area or mounted over a conveyorized assembly process. The power supply provides a choice of 1kW or 2kW of power. Dichroic reflectors and the Advanced Cold Mirror (ACM) provide options for significant heat reduction and control.

  • LED Cube 100

    LED Cube 100

    The Honle LED Cube 100 is a compact irradiation chamber that can be used in a laboratory or for manual production. By employing the various LED array options, the emission range can be adjusted to various fields of application. Wavelength options include 365, 385, 395, 405, and 460nm. The chamber door is fully integrated with the controller which prevents its opening while in a curing cycle.

  • UVACUBE 400

    UVACUBE 400

    The UVACUBE 400 is an economical UV curing chamber for laboratory use and manual manufacturing processes. Due to various lamp/filter combinations, the spectra can be easily adapted for a large variety of applications. A light footprint of 300 x 400mm is produced inside the chamber. For maximum safety, an interlocking feature prevents the door from being opened when the shutter is open, and also locks the shutter closed when the door is open.



    The Honle UVASPOT systems are modular, high intensity UV Wide Area Curing units. They achieve very high uniformity throughout the irradiation field. Various lamp/filter combinations are available, which allows the spectra output to be easily adapted to a large variety of applications. The lamp housing can easily be mounted at a workstation or integrated into an automated process.