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LED Spot 100

Honle LED Spot 100 Uv curing equipment

The Honle LED Spot 100 is a versatile LED flood-type system that produces a homogeneous pattern of UV or Visible light intensity in a 100mm x 100mm area. Up to three LED Spot 100 heads can be actuated from a single LED Powerdrive control unit. These LED heads can be programmed to operate simultaneously, in sequence, or totally independently to create individual operator workstations using a single LED Powerdrive control unit. The design of the LED Spot 100 head facilitates joining multiple LED heads to create a larger light footprints without gaps or “dead spots”.

This system requires no warm-up time and provides instant on/off control. Activation cycle time can be programmed as fast a 0.01 seconds! The LED Spot 100 can also be programmed for continuous operation. An integrated fan provides air cooling to the LED array. LED life is 20,000 hours, or more.

In addition to full programming capability, the LED Spot 100 and LED Powerdrive control unit can easily be integrated into automated processes and controlled with an external PLC.
Functional monitoring is displayed on the LED Powerdrive and can be routed externally. A fault warning will be displayed if a single LED fails to operate in any array. Power can be adjusted from 100% to as low as 2% to optimize process efficiency and adhesive curing cycles.

The LED Spot 100 is available in UV wavelengths of 365, 385, and 395nm. Visible light LED curing options are 405, and 460 nm wavelengths. Homogenous intensity outputs available as high as 1000 mW/cm2, (405nm wavelength).

The LED Spot 100 controlled by LED Power Drive is appropriate for curing (hardening) most UV and Visible light curing adhesives, coatings , and sealants.

Applications include:

  • UV bonding, tacking, or encapsulating components in the electronic, optical or medical sector
  • Batch curing of UV potting material
  • Silicon wafer production
  • Fluorescent stimulation of genetic materials for testing
LED Spot 100 & LED powerdrive
LED Spot 100 & LED powerdrive
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