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LED Spot

The Honle LED Spot is a high intensity curing device with a light footprint that is larger than typical LED point sources. It’s 20 x 20mm area of irradiation permits curing of larger adhesive bondlines and potting surfaces. Smaller components may also be batch cured with the LED Spot.

The HP Power Controller is capable of powering up to four LED Spot arrays. They can be programmed to work simultaneously, in sequence, or totally independently to create up to four separate workstations. A power adjustment feature provides the ability to reduce output intensity from 100% to as low as 10% for maximum operating efficiency. Process Flow Control permits full programming of the curing cycle including exposure series using different intensities and dwell time for parts handling.

This unit is available with LED outputs of 365, 385, 395, 405, and 460nm wavelengths. Instant on/off and cool curing temperatures make the Honle LED Spot ideal for use with temperature sensitive materials. Typical applications include the curing of UV adhesives, potting materials, and coatings.

LED Spot

LED Spot & LED HP controller
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