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LED UV and Visible Light Curing Equipment

As a recognized leader in UV curing technology, Honle UV offers the broadest range of LED UV curing equipment in the industry. Light footprint options range from 0.5mm diameter point systems to linear arrays that can exceed one meter in length. With Honle LED uv curing equipment, you have the option of selecting the curing wavelength most suitable to the adhesive or sealant being cured. LED output options include 365, 385, 395, 405, and 460 nanometers.

Typical service life of the LED array is 10,000 hours, after which it can be replaced with a new array. LED curing requires no warm-up or cool-down periods during operation, providing instant on/off process control. As LEDs do not emit IR energy, curing occurs at cooler temperatures. This makes LED equipment ideally suited for use with temperature sensitive substrates.

Honle LED equipment offers unique features that include intensity output control, multi-cycle programmability, RS232 interface for external programming and operation, and menus that can be displayed in four languages. Most Honle power supplies will drive multiple LED heads that can be programmed for sequential or independent actuation. Please evaluate the equipment options listed below to select a model that is ideal for your process. Or call Tangent Applications Engineering for assistance with equipment selection and integration.

For maximum efficiency and shortest curing cycle, pair Honle LED equipment with LEDcure adhesives and sealants from Tangent Industries Inc. Click on LEDcure adhesives.