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Needle Assembly Video

Improved Syringe and Cannula Bonding with LED Curable Adhesives and Equipment

Automated assembly of cannulas and syringes has become more efficient with LEDcure adhesives from Tangent Industries and Bluepoint LED curing equipment from Honle. In this indexing rotary table assembly process, Tangent LEDcure adhesive 7041 is dispensed from air-pressure activated valves into the hubs of preassembled syringes. The ideal viscosity and flow properties of the 7041 adhesive allow it to instantly fill the hub and form a consistent fillet around the cannula. Rapidly indexing to the next station, the adhesive is cured in fractions of a second with two LED curing units. Honle LED equipment compliments the 7041 adhesive in this automated process by providing instant on/off control with full power, minimized heat, precise dosing, and continuous monitoring for a consistent and controlled process.