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UV Gaskets and Seals

UV light curable Form-In-Place gaskets are dispensed as flowable liquids or non-migrating gels, exactly where a gasket is required, and can be cured (hardened) in seconds as part of continuous in-line production process. Tangent UV gaskets cure rapidly with UV or LED systems, permitting immediate handling and continuous production.

UV Gaskets and Seals

New, UV and visible light curable Form-In-Place gaskets, (FIP/CIP), are available from Tangent that possess flexibility, resiliency, moisture resistance, and low compression set. High viscosity gel gaskets will maintain their profile from dispense through cure.
With performance that surpasses traditional die-cut gaskets, Tangent gasket materials are dispensed as flowable liquids or non-migrating gels, exactly where a gasket is required. The material can be cured (hardened) in seconds with broad spectrum UV lamps or LED systems (365nm/405nm) as part of a continuous in-line production process. These gasket materials are ideally dispensed using industry standard, programmable robotic equipment. Automation maximizes processing speed and ensures consistent gasket profile and cure. Adjustments for new product geometries can be made in minutes without the added costs, delays, and down-time waiting for new (die-cut) tooling. Gaskets can be formed on-the-spot for the most complex component configurations.
Tangent’s Stay-In-Place gasket technology produces gasket materials that adhere to the surfaces they are cured upon, allowing immediate handling and continuous production. In the event that future component disassembly and gasket replacement becomes necessary, the gasket can be removed without difficulty. A wide variety of gasket materials are available to meet desired functional performance. Typical performance properties include high resistance to moisture, low shrinkage, ability to withstand repeated thermal cycling, high cohesive strength, and surfaces that range from tack-free to sticky (similar to a Pressure Sensitive Adhesive).
These products cure in seconds when exposed to UV/Visible light (320-460nm), with at least 50 mW/cm2 intensity. Tangent UV gaskets are also available that cure with LED system producing either 365nm or 405nm wavelengths.
View the light curable gasket products listed below for a possible candidate for your application. Please contact Tangent to confirm your product selection and to secure additional application assistance, including samples and process recommendations. In the event that these standard products do not satisfactorily address your performance requirements, Tangent will investigate other solutions that include development of gasket material that is specifically tailored to the complexity of your application.

Product Number Suitable Applications Viscosity cP mPa Shore Durometer 24 Hour Water Absorbtion LEDcure Bondable Substrates Comments/Features Request
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60101 form and cure-in -place gasket 60,000-70,000 A10-20 < 1.0% yes most plastics, ceramic, glass, stainless steel UV/Visible cure, low intensity curable,tack-free, very soft, flexible, Compression Set per ASTM D395 = <25% Request sample button TDS button
60102 form and cure-in -place gasket 30,000-50,000 A28-38 < 2.0% yes most plastics, ceramic, glass,stainless steel UV/Visible cure, low intensity curable, higher adhesion, tack-free, soft, flexible, Compression Set per ASTM D395 = <15% Request sample button TDS button
60103 form and cure-in-place gasket 70,000 A00-45 <1.0% yes most plastics, ceramic, anodized aluminum, glass, stainless steel, powder coats extremely flexible, outstanding elongation and memory, moisture resistant, tack-free, and possesses a compression set that is less than 15% Request sample button TDS button
60104 form and cure-in-place gasket 70,000 OO-45 1.0% yes stainless steel, glass, UV/Visible cure, ideal for use with LOCA for displays and screens, tack-free, extremely soft, flexible, excellent through thermal cycling. Compression Set = <15% Request sample button TDS button

*Note: viscosity variations are typically available, or can be formulated, for all listed products. Please inquire with Tangent Applications Engineering for viscosity ranges not shown in the table.
**Note: modifications can be made to most products in order to meet unique performance requirements. Adding fluorescing properties, color, and secondary curing mechanisms are typical examples of minor modifications. Please contact Tangent Applications Engineering to discuss your specific requirements.

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