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Tangent provides UV light curable sealants and coatings that can appropriately match the performance requirements of the components being protected. Offering cured properties that range from soft and highly flexible to hard and rigid, Tangent has the right sealant or coating for your application. Our products provide long-lasting and reliable protection for components operating in harsh environments. Coated surfaces are insulated from damage associated with high humidity, airborne particulates, chemicals, abrasion, insects, and vibration.

Printed circuit board (PCB) assembly dictates that conformal coatings must be easily dispensed through automated spray valves, and possess the ability to cure quickly for continuous processing. More challenging is the fact that many manufacturers require high adhesion and durability from the cured product, yet it must be easily removable for PCB component repair/replacement. Tangent’s comprehensive product line addresses these challenges and provides the opportunity to select the coating best suited for the operating life of your PCB assembly.

Today’s increasing use of flex circuits (FPC) has created a demand for more flexible and resilient coatings that have high adhesion to polyimide films and laminations. Tangent’s product selections include coatings that demonstrate excellent adhesion to polyimide, with more pliability than that of the flex circuit itself.

Tangent also provides coatings and sealants that are applicable for the visual enhancement and protection of labels, emblems, lighting, keypads, and other consumer goods.

Please open one of the links below to view our selection of masking products. Or, contact Tangent Application Engineering to speak with a trained specialist who can guide you to a product best suited for your application.