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UV and UV/Visible Light Curable Adhesives

Tangent Light Curable Adhesives can be used in a very wide range of industrial applications for the purpose of bonding, sealing, masking, and coating of components and assemblies. These single component formulations are solvent-free, and fully cure (harden) in seconds when exposed to Ultraviolet (UV) or UV/Visible light energy.

Light Curable Adhesives are comprised of three primary components: photoinitiator, monomer, and oligomer. The photoinitiator triggers the curing process when it is exposed to light energy of the appropriate wavelength. The monomer component in the formulation primarily impacts the degree of adhesion to any given substrate. The oligomer provides most of the post-cure mechanical properties such as hardness, elongation, elasticity, shrinkage, etc. Small percentages of additives may also be incorporated into the formulations to provide unique features such as fluorescence and color.

Creativity and technical expertise drive Tangent R&D chemists to develop truly unique light curable adhesive technology. These include:
  • UV adhesives- multi-purpose adhesives and coating that cure rapidly when exposed to UV light energy, (less than 395nm).
  • UV/Visible light curable adhesives- adhesive that absorb the broad UV and visible light spectrum for faster and deeper curing. Ideally suited for substrates that partially or fully block UV wavelengths.
  • Visible light curable adhesives- formulated to cure with only visible light, (400-420nm). Unique formulations can also be produced with curing ability at 455-465nm wavelengths.
  • LED curable adhesives- adhesives that cure with monochromatic LED systems, with preferred wavelengths of 365nm or 405nm.

Please open one of the links below to view pages where our light curable acrylate adhesive products may be found. Or, contact Tangent Application Engineering to speak with a trained specialist who can guide you to a product best suited for your application.